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Sprinkler Systems Guarantee


Like you, I've bought my fair share of shoddy products and had work performed I was disappointed in through the years. I can't stand when I get that sinking feeling in my stomach that I was taken advantage of! I decided to run my company differently and to hold my team to a higher standard. As soon as you become a customer, you will be given my direct personal contact information. I'm going to ask and trust you won't bypass my team unless you've been disappointed. If you ever have that sinking feeling with us, I want you to contact me personally, directly and I promise I will make things right. This time you have my word I will work diligently to ensure your experience with us is different.

Justin Wilson
Owner, American Irrigation Repair

Money Back Guarantee & Warranty

If you are not completely 100% satisfied with our Risk Free 20 Point System Analysis and Tune Up, I will refund your money 100% in full. Here's how it works: After we perform our analysis and before your hire us to do any recommended repairs or troubleshooting, simply tell my team member you were not satisfied and you are off the hook – I pick up the tab you owe nothing.

No legal speak here; just simple talk. If you are an ongoing prepaid club tune up customer and a repair or installation we made or installed ever breaks due to a failure of our workmanship, we provide the labor to repair the item at no charge to you, ever. Contact us, let us know what the failure is and we will take it from there. We promise to get you back up and running quickly so you will not be without your system for long.

IMPORTANT: Any modifications to your system WILL NOT void your warranty! 

No strings. No kidding. Really.

1 YEAR PREPAID CLUB CUSTOMER REPAIR, MODIFICATION, & EXTENSION WARRANTY If anything we repair breaks due to a defect in the materials or labor we provided within the first year after we performed the work we fix it again, free of any charge to you.

6 MONTH REPAIR, MODIFICATION, & EXTENSION WARRANTY If anything we repair breaks due to a defect in the materials or labor we provided within the first six months after we performed the work we fix it again, free of any charge to you.

All complete new systems we install are completely covered from end to end of the system for a period of 1 full year. This means if anything breaks due to a defect in the materials or labor we provided it's our problem, call us let us know what happened and we zip someone out there to fix it quickly.

All products and components purchased from us have a trade warranty in which the product manufacturer will provide us with a replacement product if the product is defective. Minimum manufacturer warranty periods are generally controllers & valves 2 years, heads 2 years. The manufacturers do have a few obvious exclusions such as damage caused by lightning, mowers, vehicles, and damage from debris in the lines.

We will pay to repair any utilities that we damage that are clearly marked prior to us beginning the job, and were correctly installed. To take advantage of this warranty, simply ensure that all utilities are marked prior to our beginning the requested work. Dig Tess (call - 811)

Get your dream lawn without watering the street!

Brad Reeves  
Georgetown, TX

5 Star Rating

I owe a BIG thank you to American Irrigation Repair. I busted a pipe doing some digging in my front yard, and they came highly recommended. They did a great job, quickly, and for a great price. In addition to the pipe that I broke, they found a sprinkler head that had been stuck below the yard surface for months and fixed it on their own initiative, without fuss and without charging more than the agreed upon price. I hope I don't need another repair job anytime soon, but if I do I know who to call. 5 stars and two very big thumbs up.

The O'Connell's
Austin, Texas

5 Star Rating

Just a note to thank you for the swift response to our requests and to thank in particular both Matt and Casey for their help on September 27. It is always such a joy to meet “good people” who have pride in what they know, in what they can accomplish. Thank you and God Bless.

Connie Schade
Georgetown, Texas

5 Star Rating

American Irrigation did an audit of our irrigation system and repaired non- functioning heads and divided up one of our zones. They did a great job and came to do the service at the time they promised.
We will use them yearly to audit our system and make any repairs necessary. I would highly recommend American Irrigation for any service to your irrigation system."

Pilgrim Management Company
Georgetown, Texas

5 Star Rating

American Irrigation Repair delivers prompt, reliable and knowledgeable service for any repairs. We have used them many times and will continue to do so.